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Check wonderful ideas for the holidays

Trendy Gifts by Dog Breed

Trendy gifts by dog breed.  Find sale items now on gifts for the dog lover.

 Calendars, Planners, Figurines, and more! 

Gifts for the Dog Lover

Looking for that perfect gift?  Best selling gifts for the dog lover can be found here!

Fabulous best selling ideas on gifts for the dog enthusiast.  From beautiful to humorous your sure to find an idea here!

Dog Camera Monitors

Sales on dog camera monitors.  The best dog camera monitors available.

Just what is your dog doing when your not home?  Save $65 on the top selling Furbo treat tossing camera!

Unique Dog Products 2019

Unique dog items from hemp oil to dog DNA testing.  Best of 2019 Shop Black Friday

Unique trendy dog products to check out!

Fancy Dog Decor

Shop Black Friday.  Fancy dog furniture.  Dog sofas, dog bowls, and more!  Gift ideas for the dog en

 It does exist!  Okay... it existed for a while.  It's fabulous. Comfy comforts for your pet that blends in with your decor. 

Interactive Dog Toys

Interactive dog toys to increase your dogs IQ.  Great dog gift idea.

 Puzzles are not only meant for humans!  Interactive toys for your dog is a great way to challenge & strengthen their mental capabilities!   

Homemade Dog Treats

Treat a friends dog with adorable homemade dog treats!  Easy to make homemade dog treats.

Treat a friends dog with an adorable canister filled with homemade dog treats!

Brain teasers

Military War Dogs

Military War Dogs are to honored for their heroic acts.

 LuckyFurballz wants to send heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has played a role in earning and preserving the freedom of our great nation.  

How Many Words Can a Dog Understand?

How many words can a dog understand?  Well, probably more than your ex. No, I didn't say that outlou

The first word you introduce your do to is his name!  Over & over than he turns his head and looks in recognition!  

Hybrid Dogs

Beautiful hybrid dogs!  Hybrid dogs are a beauty to behold.  Take a look.

Hybrid dogs (designer dogs) are becoming quite popular.  Listed below are 28 hybrid dogs and pics!  Guess on the breed mixture!

15 Longest Living Dogs

Fifteen longest living dogs.  Beautiful captions and information on the longest living breeds.

Talking about dog lifespan might just make you wonder about adopting or buying a dog breed that naturally lives longer.  

26 May 2019

Can My Dog Read My Mind or Is it Super Powers?

Can My Dog Read My Mind?  You becha your dog can your mind.

Humans & dogs have very similar social systems.  Close family structure & loyalty.  (Well, most of us)  We both have complex facial expressions ...

Health & Care

Comfortis Plus

 Comfortis Plus is an advanced formulation for treating and preventing fleas, worms, and heartworms

 Comfortis Plus is an advanced formulation for treating and preventing fleas, worms, and heartworms in dogs.  

Help Out a Local Animal Shelter

Help out a local animal shelter.  Donate household items to your local animal shelter.  Foster paren

If you want to help give homeless dogs, cats, puppies and kittens a better life consider these ideas.

When Is It Too Cold Outside For My Dog?

When Is It Too Cold Outside For My Dog?

 Temperatures at or above 45°F will not require anything special. 

Prepare Your Dog For Winter

Prepare your dog for winter.  Prepare your dog for the cold weather.

Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.

Buying Hair Clippers for Your Dog

Recommended dog hair clippers.  The best deals on dog hair clippers.

Dogs with this course hair will need robust hair trimmers.  (Poodles, Alaskan Malamutes, and German Shepard)  Investigate into buying a corded trimmer.

Choosing Dog Shampoo & Conditioners

Tips on choosing dog shampoo and conditioners.  Find the best options for your dog shampoo.

IMPORTANT:  Never use human shampoo or conditioners on your dog.  Our skin is less sensitive.

What Should I Look for in Dog Bathing Accessories?

What should I look for in dog bathing accessories?  From dog pools to shower attachments.  A guide .

Dog Bathing Time!  Before his bath, give your dog a good brush out out and detangle any knots or matted areas.


Easy Guideline to Trim Dog Nails

Easy guide line to trimming dog nails.  Pictures on how to trim your dogs n

How to Use Dog Nail Clippers

The Importance of Play for Your Dog

The importance of play for your dog.  Play activities to engage your dog in.  Excercise for your dog

Playing and having fun helps to eliminate stress from your life--and the same holds true for your dog.  


Nutritional needs

How Often Should I Feed My Dog?


Guideline on feeding times for your dog.

Dry Dog Food Myths

Dry Dog Food Myths.  Not all ingredients listed in dry dog food is made in the USA.

Five dog food myths!

Best Dry Dog Food FAQ

Best Dry Dog Food FAQ.  What to look out for when buying dog f

There is one thing you need to look for in product labels:

  • Best before Date
  • Best by Date

What to Look For When Buying Dog Treats

What to look for when buying dog treats.  Guess what?  Almost the same rules we have!

The first few ingredients on the list are the most significant, since they comprise the majority of the content, they should be especially high in quality.

What to Look For When Buying Dog Food

What to look for when buying dog food.  Complete nutrition is the key factor in dog food.  Buy


The Best Dry Dog Food

The Best Dry Dog Food at a great price.  Free shipping on dog food.  High protein dr


  • No cancer-causing chemical preservatives
  • No anonymous meat ingredients
  • No high-risk coloring agents
  • No generic animal fat
  • Above-average meat content
  • Favorable fat-to-protein ratio
  • Modest carbohydrate content

fun read articles

Inspirational Dog Quotes

Dog boosty boosts!  Inspirational dog quotes to brighten your day!

Inspirational dog quotes to brighten your day

26 May 2019

Does Your Dog Do This?

Dog boosty boosts!  My dog does this.... what does your dog do?  (That?)

A delightful memory of a past furball has been in my mind for a while ...

14 May 2019

Dog Tales (TAILS)

Dog boosty boosts!  A dog's tale.  (Tails)  Tale or Tails.  Dog Tale.  Dog Tails.  The ultimate chal

  1. I will conquer the Ultimate Goal today!!!

30 April 2019

Don't Read This - If Your Right

Dog boosty boosts! Don't read this if your right.  I'm not right because I wrote it.  (Are ya gonna

As I was Yoshi in the rain without the benefit of an umbrella. (I usually don't melt that much) I notice a peculiar THING on the ground.

27 April 2019

I Wanna Be Like My Dog

Dog boosty boosts!  I Wanna Be Like my Dog!!!

Imagine the possibilities if you could be like your dog!  I'm gonna pretend for a bit ...

24 April 2019

10 Ways To Getting Out of the Dog House

Dog boosty boosts!  10 Ways to Getting Out of The Dog House.  For you men 20 or more.  I'm kidding.

Forget  technology.  

Show up and make a thorough apology in person.

22 April 2019


Traveling With Your Dog on Holidays

Traveling with your dog on holidays.  Preparing for a holiday trip with your dog.

 Holidays are a busy time for traveling. 

Indoor Activities With Your Dog

Indoor activities with your dog.  Activities for your dog and you.

After a chilly adventure outside warm up inside with these fun creative ideas to indulge in indoors!

Dog Friendly Restaurants

Dog Friendly Restaurant Guide.  Take your dog out to eat!

There are many restaurants that welcome dogs to their outdoor patios.

5 June 2019

Camping with Your Dog

Camping with your dog sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate the warm weather.

Camping season is upon us, and June is National Camping Month.  It's a terrific time to go camping with your dog.

Backyard Fun For Your Dog

Backyard fun for your dog.  One doesn't have to venture far for an adventure!  Outdoor activities wi

Ten (umm.. 9) Wonderful Adventures

Dog Park and Hiking

Thorough dog park and hiking guide to get you on your way!  Outdoor activities with your dog.

The weather is wonderful!  A great time to adventure into something new or add a spark into something ventured.

Reviews & More

Reviews on Dog Houses

Reviews on the best Dog Houses.  Dog houses for sale.

Reviews on Flea & Tick Control

Reviews on the best dog flea and tick control products.  Dog flea and tick control products for sale

Reviews on Dog Trackers

Reviews on the best pet trackers.  Pet trackers on sale.

Dog Must Haves

The best dog collars, dog id tags, dog leashes, and more!  Dog collars, id tags, and leashes on sale

Homemade Dog Treats

Making homemade dog treats.  Delicious dog treats you can make at home.

Unique Dog Products 2019

Unique dog products of 2019.  Dog DNA kits on sale.

Best Dog Toys

Looking for the best dog toys!  Look no further.  Trendy dog toys on sale.

Comfy Bed Options

Looking for the best dog bed options?  Look no further.  Dog beds at a bargain.

Feeder Options

Looking for the best dog feeder options?  Look no further.  Dog feeders at great prices.

Dog Lover's Stuff

Looking for the best gifts for the dog lover?  Look no further.  Gifts for the dog lover on sale.

A Booger of Dry Dog Info

Looking for the best dry dog food?  Look no further.  Dry dog food on sale.

Less Boogery Wet Dog Food Info

Looking for the best wet dog food?  Look no further.  Wet dog food on sale.

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