Comfy Dog Bed



Seriously, would you like to sleep on the floor?  Why would you think your best buddy would?  Give him a dog bed that will keep him clean.  Most dog beds come with removable liners or other feature that make them easy to clean.  

A bed is a place where one feels safe and at at home.  Adult dogs and puppies need to feel master of their domain.  A bed is a place to retreat.  Make certain that the proper size bed is purchased for your dogs needs.  An orthopedic foam dog bed can be used to help ease the pain and discomfort of dysplasia, arthritis , or other structural ailments. Older dogs benefit most with  orthopedic beds due to these prone conditions. 

Be sure to keep the bed in proportion with your dog’s size. Buying a bed that’s too large for your dog can leave him feeling insecure, so look for a bed that’s just large enough for your dog to stretch out on. Smaller dogs are also much more likely to get chilly, so it’s important to find a bed that keeps drafts to a minimum.

SMALLER TO MEDIUM SIZED DOGS - Nest dog beds are a popular choice for small and medium-sized breeds. Typically they’re round or oval with lots of cushioning and raised sides to help your small pup can feel contained and comfortable. Pay attention to the quality of the filling material to ensure protection from hard surfaces. 

LARGER DOGS -  Overstuffed Orthopedic Foam Dog Bed - It’s harder to find more of a variety and better quality of dog beds for larger breeds than for smaller dogs. Most of the good ones are thick and made of memory foam to give your dog plenty of cushioning.  Extremely large dogs can cause the foam to flatten out over time, so you may need to buy a replacement at some point. 

Below, we’ve listed just a few of the ways a dog bed can benefit both you and your dog.

CUSHION - A good dog bed will provide your pet with a soft, comfortable place to rest his joints and bones. This becomes increasingly important as dogs age.

INSULATION - Dog beds offer an important source of insulation during the winter and summer, acting as a protective layer between the cold floor or hot ground.

HAIR AND ODOR CONTROL - Dog beds can help keep your house clean (or at least cleaner) by keeping the hair and odor concentrated in a single area, while discouraging pets from curling up on the upholstery. Even better, quality dog beds are water-resistant and easy to clean.

EASE OF CLEANING- Consider choosing a water-resistant bed for easy cleanup.

QUALITY  - Just as you wouldn’t skimp when choosing your own bed, you should look for a bed made of durable, superior materials.  

Choose the best fitting dog bed for your sleepy Furball!

Choose the best fitting dog bed for your sleepy Furball!